GMS/GOES9/MTSAT Data Archive for Research and Education

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Important: You need to apply corrections for the infrared brightness temperature derived from the IR channel data and calibration tables, for the earliest period of GMS-5 observation (June 1995 to November 1996). (note added on Jan 19, 2001)
The image data provided by Weather Home, Kochi University can be freely used for academic research and school education purposes. The front page provides the latest data, while the past data is archived whenever possible. Both the latest and the archived data can be utilized for your research and educational programs although the data is available 'as is' basis only.
(Here is a HINT for analyzing the data. added 1999/11/12)

The list of archive directories and data descriptions follow;

Geo-coordinate mapped data for almost ALL area GMS/MTSAT covers. N70 - S70, E70 - W150. 1/4 degree resolution. 560 x 560 pixels. PGM (Portable Gray Map) format with Gzip compression.
Geo-coordinate mapped data for GAME research area. N70 - S20, E70 - E160. 1/20 degree resolution. 1800 x 1800 pixels. PGM (Portable Gray Map) format with Gzip compression.
Geo-coordinate mapped data for Japan and surrounding area. Visible channel data only. N50 - N20, E120 - E150. 1/100 degree resolution. 3000 x 3000 pixels. PGM (Portable Gray Map) format with Gzip compression.
(Pseudo) Visible image of Japan and Far East area. Discontinued since 2005/07.
Water vapor image of Japan area. Since 1998/01/19.
Visible image of Japan. Geo-coordinate mapped. N46 - N30, E130 - E146. Available only on daytime (8 - 16JST). JPEG and PGM format. Since 1998/01/10. Discontinued since 2005/07.
Thermal infrared image of Japan area. Polar stereo mapping. 640 x 480. PGM with Gzip. Since 1996/09/04.
Archive of Weather image of Japan. 640 x 480. JPEG format. Since 1996/09/04.
South East Asia (+Pacific) area image. 640 x 480. JPEG format. Since 1997/08/04.
Calibration tables to convert the pixel values into brightness temperature (IR channels) or albedo (VIS).
Note that MTSAT-1R VIS data is calibrated with 0:=0% and 255:=100% (albedo) and can be linearly interpolated.
GMS quicklook.
Global composit image. Discontinued since 2005/08.
Antarctic composit image. Discontinued since 2005/08.

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